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What is a Virtual Assistant?

In its most basic form, a virtual assistant (VA) is an administrative expert hired on contract, who works from their own home office. 

Every virtual assistant has a range of tasks that they offer. A team of virtual assistants will offer even more opportunity to delegate and collaborate. 

Because virtual assistants are also business owners, they know what it takes to run a business. This means hiring a VA will contribute to your success by freeing up your time, so you can focus on running and growing your business, ultimately pursuing more revenue generating activities. 

Who Needs a Virtual Assistant?

Who doesn't? A virtual assistant can benefit any business who has more on the to-do list than they can handle. You needn't fill your work hours with time consuming tasks that we can probably do faster and more efficiently. If you can outsource it, we can do it. 

Clients come from a wide range of industries, as most of the tasks we perform are similar across industries and are adaptable to your needs. Plus, we are quick learners and love learning about new businesses! 

Clients we have worked with have been from the following industries: 

  • Coaches and consultants

  • Service based businesses (arborist, facility services, property appraiser, travel agency, landscape designer)

  • Non-profits and Associations

  • Oil & Gas Corporations

  • Professional businesses (human resources firm, speech and language practitioner, therapist, pharmacist)

  • Network marketing leaders

Benefits of Contracting vs Hiring an Employee

There are many benefits to outsourcing to our high level team vs hiring and managing in house employees, including:

  • Flexible work that our team members can do from home allows us to bring on highly talented people with higher level skills and thinking who wouldn’t typically apply on administrative positions. For example, this includes parents who prefer flexible work that allows balance and presence for their families, and full time workers in professional jobs looking for some extra work. Just because they work flexibly does not mean lower quality work - in fact it's the opposite! Our team members are highly efficient at managing their tasks and projects. In fact, the flexibility is so appreciated by our team members, that they consistently go above and beyond in their roles and for our clients.

  • Potential for job sharing without having to manage two or more schedules and employees - meaning everything is seamless on client’s end with high quality work.

  • Turnover and training is managed through our business - clients don’t have to worry about the cost and burden of sourcing and training quality candidates, or being without coverage. 

  • Any performance issues dealt with amongst our team.

  • No overhead costs of benefits, payroll, paid sick days or holidays, general office equipment, etc.

"I have to say that my team and I are blown away by Laura's superb services and overall support to our business, Workplaces! Laura is an absolute pro at what she does and am so looking forward to her making a much broader contribution and overall positive impact on the business community. I highly recommend Laura's services to any business that is in need of releasing their business's administrative function to a 'pro' and get back to what matters most to them and their business - serving their market!"

Bruce Baker, 4Workplaces

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