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  • Are you spending way too much time on work that can be delegated or outsourced?

  • Are you or your group having trouble finding and keeping quality admin support? 

  • Do you have a project that needs to be completed... but no one to work on it?

  • Are you looking to restructure and need some contract support? 

  • Or maybe you KNOW you need help but aren't exactly sure what that might look like? 


Laura Harder & Co Virtual Assistants are a team of high-level full-service virtual assistant that love to work with organizations and businesses of all sizes! We care deeply about building efficiencies and systems for our clients, ultimately allowing for business growth. We work on all kinds of projects and would love to know how we can assist you!


With over 10 years of experience in the corporate world within human resources and administrative work, I now specialize in online administration solutions and building a team of talented individuals with similar values and talents. Together we serve businesses like yours, allowing you to outsource ongoing tasks and projects, so you have freedom to focus on your ultimate revenue potential. I have been a full time freelance virtual assistant since 2016 and in that time, we have served over 70 clients spanning a wide variety of businesses, industries and tasks.


We also have an incredible group of dedicated individuals available to serve our clients needs. These talented people behind the scenes aren’t just admin; they come from backgrounds and work history including customer service, human resources, accounting, management, research and more.

We appreciate Laura Harder’s company; key members of our team who make things easy for us. Laura’s ‘let’s just do it’ and ‘everything is figure-out-able'  attitude, her positive approach to anything we send her, and her creative flair have contributed to a more professional look in everything we do.  Laura and her team are always there as our ‘right-hand’, implementing, designing, guiding, supporting, and recommending ideas to support our growth.  Laura and her team get stuff done!  Call Laura today for your virtual support!

Linda Maul & Marguerite LeBlanc, Accountability by Design Inc.

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